What is a Coach

Coaching is about asking powerful, thought-provoking questions that stimulate fresh thinking, lead to new insights, clarify issues, and challenge clients to explore innovative possibilities (Gary Collins)”


A coach is someone who focuses on you and empowers you through powerful questions to make transformational decisions in your life or leadership.  By surrounding you with an environment of trust, belief, encouragement, support, challenge and accountability, you’ll experience a rich growth environment and live with greater passion.



Assumptions about Coaching[1]                                     
·       Is a collaborative partnership between the coach and person being coached

·       Involves dialogue rather than advice giving, discipling or therapy

·       Is built on trust, integrity, self-discipline, and accountability

·       Discusses weaknesses and obstacles, but emphasizes strengths and positive change

·       Assumes that people are resourceful and able to set goals and reach them

·       Let’s clients define and move toward their goals with God’s help and the coach’s assistance

·       Helps people reach their peak performance

·       Assumes that life is integrated





We help leaders experience peak performance in the workplace and church, living out their God-given design.

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[1] Christian Coaching, by Gary Collins, pg 88