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Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.  When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.

Jack Welch

Leaders are difference makers in the world.  They are people who believe in the potential and possibilities around them.  They know the challenge and the gift of leading a team of people towards a shared vision.  Leaders come in all shape and sizes, but they have this in common.  They are influencers who believe in a vision worth pursuing and the people around them.


Leadership coaching provides two different tracks.  The first track is ideal for those who have a desire to grow in a specific area of leadership.  They know their area of potential or struggle and want to dive in with a coach to come alongside them on the growth journey.  The second track is for those who have a general desire for growth but don’t know where to begin.  This track begins with an assessment to identify potential growth areas and then sets a growth path that may include articles or books identified by the coach as conversation partners.

Are you hungry to grow as a leader?  Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level?  Let’s get started.



We know the rhythm, the beauty, the challenges, the struggles, the glory of ministry.  We know what its like to feel fully alive in our callings and we also know what it is like to feel confused, burnout and tired.  That is why ministry leaders have a special place in our hearts.  Whether you are senior leader or just starting out, having a coach come alongside you to navigate a challenge season, change limiting behaviors or simply maximize your opportunities will provide a transformative relationship.  Coaching has been popular in the business world where leaders recognized the benefit of unique growth relationship coaching proves.  The ministry world is slowly catching on to the need for coaching, as ministry leaders desire to finish well, maximize their callings and face the pressures and struggles of ministry.

Typical ministry coaching process   (*Plan is flexible to utilize resources, focused learning, employee development, professional development, exploration of calling…etc.)

  • Initial Questionnaire to get to know you
  • Assessment
  • 2 Hour Intro initial Session
  • Identify Focus Area
  • Develop Plan for Growth
  • Implement Plan with Support, Accountability and Encouragement
  • Typical rhythm is two 45 minutes coach sessions monthly as we explore progress and challenges in growth plan
  • When ready, redevelop growth plan for new areas of progress



learning to coach

The new world calls for new skills.  Add the coaching paradigm and practical coaching skills to your tool box in this package.  .

Becoming a Coaching Leader Process   (Mentor Based Coaching, very interactive, skill based, feedback driven)

  • #1| Initial Questionnaire to get to know you
  • #2| Situational Leadership Model
  • #3| Adaptive Leadership
  • #4| Taking 1v1’s to the next level
  • #5| Introduce Coaching Model, Coaching Triangle and Define What is Coaching
  • #6| Becoming a Coaching Leader: Connection
  • #7| Becoming a Coaching Leader: The Goal
  • #8| Becoming a Coaching Leader: Exploration-Listening
  • #10| Becoming a Coaching Leader: Exploration-Questioning
  • #11| Becoming a Coaching Leader: Direct Communication
  • #12| Becoming a Coaching Leader: Creating Awareness
  • #13| Becoming a Coaching Leader: Designing Action
  • #14| Becoming a Coaching Leader: Planning and Goal Setting
  • #15| Becoming a Coaching Leader: Managing Progress


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