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Emotional Intelligence for Kingdom Leaders: A Primer and 30 Day Journal

As a kingdom leader in the home, work-place or church, our emotional health and intelligence is either empowering our lives or holding us back.  Emotional Intelligence (EI) has everything to do with managing stress, relating to others, overcoming fears, and enduring challenges.  EI inserts itself into every conversation, relationship and experience in our lives.  Growing in our EI unlocks the lid on our gifts, temperament, education and experiences. Inside these covers is a primer that introduces the reader to the core concepts of emotional intelligence and a 30 day journal for growing in awareness and understanding.





Learning Leadership from Nehemiah

If you are a hungry, passionate kingdom leader, this book is for you.  Taking the life and leadership of Nehemiah, Dave Kraft gleans twelve principles and infuses them with his insights and experiences from forty-eight years of pastoral leadership.  The result is a book that combines biblical faithfulness with practical wisdom.







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Explicit Leadership

Do you desire to be a powerful presence of love, belief and encouragement in the lives of others?  Explicit Leadership means leaving no doubt in the minds and hearts of everyone around you that you believe in them.  Become a contagious presence and create a culture of passion, encouragement and celebration today.  Read more at Amazon by clicking the buy now button.